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Enhancing your board impact requires your undivided attention

Our mission is to support boards to improve continuously their governance and effectiveness, as a team and as individuals, including with a complete onboarding of the sustainability dimension

Our services


Board Review

We review the effectiveness and governance of a board, assessing its level of awareness on new emerging issues and its capacity to address them.

Sustainability services

We assist leaders to develop their own ESG approach and objectives. We inform companies on the evolving regulatory framework that will impact directly or indirectly their activities.

Board Director Search

We identify, assess and select the Director that will best support the organization in its journey of defining and achieving a long term sustainable strategy.

C-suite Executive Search

We identify, assess and develop executive leaders who will have a positive impact on an organization’s long term sustainability and performance
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Enacting the ESG dimension within the board

About us

Driven by the same passion for companies and organisations and the desire of contributing to a better world, today and moreover for the future generations, we have decided to join and leverage our expertise to increase Boards’ effectiveness and governance, which includes de facto fostering sustainability in the Boards.

We are convinced that it is only by embedding the ESG dimension that companies and organisations will be able to thrive. And it starts with the Boards of Directors.

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