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We support Boards to improve
continuously their governance and

Board Review

To fulfil an increasingly vital role in delivering sustainable long term strategy,  Boards must demonstrate effectiveness, commitment and a true capacity to challenge management teams. When, relying on effective governance, solid decision making processes and a true capacity to grasp new ESG dimensions, Boards give confidence to all companies’ stakeholders.

At seewhy we aim to support any Board improving its effectiveness through the review of all dimensions that impact it. As each Board is different and requires a specific review at a specific time, we design the review as to enable the Board to achieve its full potential.

seewhy also provides the evaluation of individual Board Director’s contribution to the Board’s performance and hence support her/his further development as a Board Member.


Sustainability services

Clients, staff, shareholders or lenders are evermore pressuring companies to address sustainability issues. Regulation is building up on banks and institutional investors and will mean more demand on companies to recognize and address sustainability issues and cover ESG criteria in their investment and financing decisions. Companies have to include the ESG dimension into their story not only to attract new investors or to improve the market perception of their ESG positioning but also to avoid reputational risks and prevent activist campaigns. Our ESG advisory’s offer is to prepare Board members to understand why and how they need to take this ESG dimension into their strategic planning and help conversation with investors and key stakeholders


Executive Search

Putting the best leadership team in place is instrumental for long term sustainable success of an organization. Given new issues companies are facing, attracting the right high-performing leader for a specific situation is a major challenge.

We partner with our clients to identify, evaluate and attract top executives to lead the organization through its challenges and ensure a sustainable future.


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